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英语 请求帮助

打电话请求帮助翻译成英文就是Call for help,比较简单,请采纳~祝您好运

1、I'm sorry to bother you, but can you help me? 很抱歉打扰你,能帮我一下吗? 2、I'm afraid it was a bother for you to do this. 恐怕这件事要麻烦您了。 3、I wonder if you could help me with this. 不知道能否请您帮我一下? 4、Excu...

Ask sb for help向某人请求帮助

You can ask your teacher(s) for help.

help 帮助,求救都可以 Would you help me ?你可以帮我一下吗?


Dear Zhang Ming, I'm glad to have received your email. Thank you for your trust in me. In my opinion, you should sign up for the English Speech Contest next month. Firstly, since you like English so much, it is a good opportuni...

1、Can you help me? 2、 Can you give me a hand? 3、Can you do me a favor? 希望对你有帮助!

Can you help me?是这样请求么。。 Can you give me a hand?

We should ask him for help all the time.

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