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都对,但是用法不一样。 Kindly remind to do, A kindly reminder.

kindly remind you to find the attachment. 温馨提示, 请查阅附件。 kindly remind you to pay more attention to our new products. ...... 一般在写商业函电时用得比较多。

kindly reminder 温馨提示 单独使用的话,后者对。 As a kindly reminder, only Jacso member will be enjoying this benefit. 温馨提示,只有Jacso会员能够享受此项福利。 如果在句子里的话,用前者比较多 Seattle English kindly remind you t...

a kindly reminder 友好的提示 kindly remind sb of sth 友好地提示某人某事 要结合语境和使用情况。

Red: I have to remind myself that some birds don’t mean to be caged. Their feathers ...

1、《U remind me》——Usher 所属专辑:8701 音乐风格:R&B 发行时间:2002 Yo, I ain't seeing you in a minute but I got something to tell...


Is_Flowers 你需要的, pink - Just Give Me a Reason Avril Lavigne – How You Remind Me 链接已发送到页面顶端右上角你的百度Hi 或 私信 注意hi 和私信的信息数量提示,请点击进入收取!注意发信人ID 如不明白或未收到,请即刻追问并留下邮箱...

U Remind Me Yo, I ain't seeing you in a minute but I got something to tell ya, listen. See the thing about you, that caught my eye, Is the same thing that makes me change, my mind. Kinda hard to explain, but girl, I'll try. You...

B 考查固定搭配和宾语从句。Remind sb. of sth.使人想起某事;后面是我们一起做的用what.

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